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Mike Price

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I provide the best value piano lessons in Austin, TX for adults, children and individuals of all ages and skill levels. I will travel to your home (if preferred) and offer competitive pricing. Most importantly, I provide quality, individualized lessons crafted to each student's unique goals and motivations. Book your first complimentary lesson with me today, and I will be in touch shortly!

Piano Lessons in Austin, TX

Hi there! I'm Mike Price, your local Austin piano teacher. I have been playing piano since the age of 5 and have a life-long passion for music. Growing up I was fortunate enough to receive lessons from some great (and some, honestly, not so great) piano teachers.

That has helped shape my philosophy as to what qualities make a good teacher, versus a bad one.

I have experience teaching piano to students of all ages - from as young as 5 years old, up to adults. I offer beginner and intermediate piano lessons.

I was classically trained growing up, and towards my high school years grew a developing interest in jazz piano. Gravitating towards jazz, and working with a jazz piano teacher, really deepened my understanding and appreciation for music theory.

I now make it a point to incorporate music theory as a critical component that underlies my music lessons. To me, it is just as important that my students understand the "why" behind what they're playing, just as much as they understand the "how".

This allows a student to truly blossom as an artist and a musician when they are more developed in their skills - enabling them to compose and improvise their own music, as well as collaborate musically with others.

Unlike local music schools, what you see here is what you get! I am the one and only individual behind my piano teaching business. I teach each and every one of my students individually. Furthermore, I travel to my students’ homes if preferred.

I prefer to have a personalized, working relationship with my students, as well as their family or parents (if they are younger students). I will not simply pass off a quarterly "progress report" on how a student is doing.

I'm an individual, not a music school. I offer competitive and fair rates, while at the same time being able to travel to you, and give you a more personalized and streamlined experience overall.

All communication and scheduling goes through me, making scheduling less of a headache. Out of town for a week and need to cancel or reschedule? No problem, let’s pick lessons back up when you are back in town. As long as there’s fair notice, I will not charge for time that we did not actually spend working together.

Here are some of the many advantages of choosing to work with me over a music school:

  • I provide lessons directly in your home, if preferred

  • You pay per lesson, not on a "semester" basis or any other unnecessarily complicated system

  • What you see is what you get! I will not simply take your business and pass your student to whatever teacher happens to be available that day

  • All communication, scheduling, and and delivery of lessons is streamlined directly through me

  • Have a consistent, direct, and personal relationship with your piano teacher. If you’re a parent, always be in the loop as to how your student is performing.

  • Competitive rates in addition to traveling to your home for lessons

  • Flexible scheduling - I will work with you to accommodate your family's needs and lifestyle

Why Work With Me Versus an Austin Music School?

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woman playing Yamaha piano
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